Charity runner Tony the Fridge to tackle four marathons in 24 hours

Charity champ Tony the Fridge is bracing himself for one last epic challenge before he hangs up his household appliance.

He aims to complete four marathons in one day with a 42kg (6.6st) Smeg fridge strapped to his back.

The challenge starts on April 13 at the London marathon and, after he finishes the 26.2 mile course, he will run three more.

Tony said: “This record attempt will be my final near impossible journey, which I hope will inspire people in their battles with cancer and encourage people to keep moving forward.

“No matter what pain I go through I will get to the end of this as my pledge to help beat cancer.

“It will be incredibly tough and the slightest misplaced step could cause serious injury.

“I am really hoping the general public get behind me and pledge their support by text donating, as that is the key to me completing this challenge.”

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